These are all the websites I’ve had the pleasure of working on and creating.

February 2021 – Present: Continuing the work that I’ve done, I decided to create my personal hub for everyone to see, called WORR.

August 2020 – Present: Non-Profit All for His Glory Foundation hired me to create a brand new website for their organization, giving donors a way of sending donations in a fast and interactive way, while also showing what the Foundation has been doing over the year.

August 2020 – Present: The Downtown Statesboro Development Authority was looking for a content creator that would go to businesses and create quality stories for the city.

I took it as a Journalistic opportunity and haven’t looked back.

July 2016 – December 2019: Spanish speaking website Tecnetico.com hired me to be a writer at their company, writing more than 10+ articles for the Spanish audience in Puerto Rico. I was also a host in their Tech Show “¡RESUÉLVEME TECNÉTICO!“.

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